To replace plastics virgin material with possible recycled material in a sustainable way with highly qualitative and international standards.

To seed the habit of segregating and proper handling of trash into the heart of every citizen of our nation.


Our values are based on offering our customers a service that benefits them and society, and ensure we operate all aspects of our business in a socially responsible manner in terms of the environment, health and safety.

In addition, we use recycled polymers where appropriate, and continually look to reduce waste. This is to ensure ViDHAI Plastics remain efficient and highly competitive.


Years of Service.

Informal workers discovered in circular economy.


Consumer wastes recycled.


Industrial wastes recycled.


Co2 Emissions saved.

Recycling of Plastics


Grey Matter Solutions

Responsible Recycling

Recycling of Plastics

ViDHAI is able to handle a wide range of plastics including Post-Production, Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer.

We can handle any volume of materials from small to large scale collections.

ViDHAI is one of the few companies in Chennai which deals with both Commodity and Engineering plastics.

  • POM
  • PC
  • PA 6 (UF/GF)
  • PA 66 (UF/GF)
  • ABS
  • PE (Film/Inj)
  • PP (CP/GF)

The materials available in the form Reprocessed (RP) and Regrind (RG) as per the customer’s need.

ViDHAI has a truly good relationship with its market, our area of target of procuring wastes from various industries and area sectors.

  • Automobile
  • Packaging
  • FMCG

Trust and Long-Term Relationship is our promise to you.

ViDHAI’s quality control systems surely bring you the best quality each time every time.

Please feel free to contact us to find out more about our unique service and diverse range of products with care.

We supply reliable quantity of Raw Materials / Scrap as per request.

Our profession team of purchasers are on hand to consult on your product and help to achieve maximum value on it.

Our specialised knowledge on Plastics and their recycling applications makes ViDHAI the perfect partner to meet your needs.

What do we do?

  • Our local purchasing teams personally visit and consult with the companies clearly. Collecting information on material source, taking the photos and samples are the key to providing maximum product value.
  • Logistics is based on the terms and conditions with the companies.
  • Once the material arrives destination, our teams are on hand to make sure material is recycled to its highest functional use with great quality.
  • We assures you of timely payment and continuous technical support.


ViDHAI is one of the promising suppliers of Masterbatches in South India.

We provide our customers with quick turn around time the best quality plastic colourant & the most advanced custom colour matching services.

  • White Masterbatch
  • Black Masterbatch
  • Colour Masterbatch
  • Additive Masterbatch
  • Special Effect Masterbatch
  • Compounds

ViDHAI widely spreads its wings over the diversified markets in Masterbatches.

  • Packaging Film
  • Bio-degradable Covers
  • Automobile
  • FMCG
  • Commercial products
  • Baby Toys
  • Furnitures
  • Foot wears
  • Food industries

Customer satisfaction on the product and services are the key success for us.

What do we do?

  • Our executive make an appointment with the purchase team of the companies to meet.
  • We clearly understand the customer needs and technical specifications of the material to develop colours.
  • We take a sample and tag it with a specific code to follow up with our customers.
  • After a period of days to develop,we dispatch the sample and technical data sheet to the customers.
  • Once the trial run get successful,after releasing the purchase order, the material will be dispatched on the promised date and time.
  • We have a talented technical support team to assist our customers at any time.

Grey Matter Solutions

A vacuum bag provides pressure and vacuum, which always results in a better quality laminate. Pressure compacts the laminate, providing good consolidation and interlaminar bonds. Vacuum draws out the volatiles and trapped air, resulting in a low void content. Both help to improve resin flow. The latest generation vacuum bags for ambient cure compete on cost with polyethylene sheet, but offer superior performance.

Vacuum Film 55 1500
Vacuum Film 55 2000
Vacuum Film 55 3000
Vacuum Film 55 3500
Vacuum Film 55 4500
Vacuum Film 65 1500
Vacuum Film 65 3000
Vacuum Film 65 6000
Vacuum Film 75 6000
Vacuum Film 75 8000

Our vacuum bagging films have extremely good elongation and strength. Its auto release property is a huge advantage when direct contact with resin is needed. These vacuum bagging films have been successfully used in several big project in the wind energy sectors and marine industry.

Our Spiral tube is a half tubular coiled structure used to assist the flow of resin during vacuum infusion process. It is placed under the feed line.They are used to establish consistent vacuum throughout the mould evenly. This is used as it maintains vacuum throughout the mould even at the full vacuum as it is capable of withstanding negative pressure without collapsing.

ID (mm) PITCH (mm) THICKNESS (mm)
8 16 - 18 1 mm
8 16 - 18 1.5 mm
8.5 16 - 18 1.5 mm
10 18 - 20 1.5 mm
12 18 - 20 1.5 mm
12 18 - 20 2 mm
Colour: White
Length: 25 meter, 50 meter, 100 meter

Peel ply, also known as Release fabric is a plain woven but porous nylon fabric with red/blue lines. When the laminate is cured and peel ply is peeled off, you'll get a smooth and harmful edges free surface.

Apart from keeping the surface smooth, peel ply leaves a texture on the surface with is helpful in bonding the laminate to another substrate.

When used in wet-layup process,  peel ply allows you to remove trapped air without displacing the carbon/glass fabrics.

Width GSM Yarn
100 mm 85 Red / Blue
250 mm 85 Red / Blue
500 mm 85 Red / Blue
750 mm 85 Red / Blue
1000 mm 85 Red / Blue
500 mm 105 Red / Blue
1000 mm 105 Red / Blue

Feed hose are used to feed the resin into the mould and to collect the resin in the catchpot. Our hose can withstand 120 degree heat.

ID (mm) THICKNESS (mm)
8 1 mm
8.5 1.5 mm
10 1.5 mm
12 1.5 mm
12 2 mm

ViDHAI started dealing with supply of Aiding material and Consumables for the composite industries throughout India from 2016.

ViDHAI also manufacture all type of engineering compounds such as plastic gears, bush, brackets, washers, automatic components, rollers, etc. with a complete design, quality and customer support team.

Responsible Recycling

Responsible Recycling is one of the dream projects of ViDHAI, which provides end-end solution to the wastes from the Households, Marriage Halls, Convention centres, Educational institutions & Corporate companies.

Here, we focus in both Organic and Inorganic waste, which ends up as “Zero waste Zone”

Why Responsible Recycling?

Country’s development is not only on the hands of Modernised Infrastructure and Shining Economic Growth, it’s actually on the ‘Behaviour of the People’ in the Country.

In reality, from the birth of India as an independent nation till now, most of us lack awareness in handling trash including the well educated people like throwing the banana peel from running bus, food packing wastes from car, playing basketball with their trash cover with the street dustbins which is rebounded by bins, littering all over the place.

This behaviour always infuriated all of us who are responsible citizens but none of us did anything about it.

But now, We made a decision to bring about a behavioural change. Thus began our search towards the solution.

From 2012, we have been trying different methods to solve the issue and in 2018, we started 'Responsible Recycling' Project which was set to pursue excellence and constantly evolve as it progresses.

The crux of the change lies in the next generation. Thus, we at Responsible Recycling project, concentrate on educating school children on proper discarding of waste.

The Immediate wave of change is brought possible by the youth of the nation. Awareness on Recycling oportunities is created among the Youth of the nation through sessions/ Demo.

Gaining Knowledge is the first step to wisdom, Sharing it, is the first step to humanity.

Each year, a group of ten students are chosen for internship on 'Recycling of Plastics waste'.

This exposes them to a new arena of business - Recycling industry where the students gets hands on experience on waste management, operations and value additions.

Change in climatic pattern is becoming inevitable and What we do to adapt to it and mitigate is the need of the hour. Every small step towards the battle of global warming, shifting of tectonic plates, new diseases contributes to mankind.

How does ViDHAI perform its duties here?

We prevent wastes from entering into landfill and find a way back into the streams of products by adding value to it.

For recycling, We facilitate waste collection from :

  • Apartments
  • Marriage and community Halls
  • Hotels
  • Corporates.

Upcycling of waste.

We create a platform for economically backward community where women create art from waste combined with innovation.

ViDHAI supports in sales of the products and the money goes directly to the beneficiary.

Be Proud:

Be Proud to envision a country with lowest landfill.
You have taken the first step towards it.

It is one of the ways to serve your country by your behaviours.
Our major goal is to avoid wastes to Landfill sites/ Dump yards.

It makes us to get Clean ground water, Fresh air and Disease free environment.
Think about the people and kids living near the landfill site and dump yards.

It’s time for us to join our hands together.



‘Two Technocrats’ inspired by a subject called Recycling in 8th semester of college, set out to start the own pyrolysis unit (waste plastics to oil) after quitting a high pay job and leaving the dream of scientist to rest.

As destiny had better plans, it dropped us exactly at the doorstep of Kodungaiyur dumpyard for our first encounter with wastes.

From then, the seed of thought and quench to find/discover a sustainable recycling solution was sowed. After 6 months of grassroot study, we registered our company as ‘ViDHAI TRADERS’ who will buy and sell all kinds of scrap.

Trading of Scrap.

2014(2nd Half)

Discovered existing circular economy in an unorganised way.

Enhances supply chain by value addition.

2015(2nd Half)

Outsourcing process.

Aiding materials and consumables for composite industry & Manufacturer of machined parts.

2016(2nd Half)

Sales of Masterbatches.

Focus on packaging industry and Energy recovery (pyrolysis).

2017(2nd Half)

Pilot Zero Waste Plant proposal in industry.

Responsible Recycling & Installation of Production Facility soon....


Women empowerment 90% workforce is women.


The Company